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    Different Israel
    Unusual tours
    Agrotourism, SPA Hotels, Gourmet tours
    Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies
    You can not find the desired?
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    Different view
    To see Israel in a new way
    Do you want to see the usual
    tourist places from a different
    perspective? Do you want to explore
    Israel according to your own interests?
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    Amazing Israel
    Unique Place to visit
    Walking tours, travel on horseback,
    quad bikes, bicycles. Yachts,
    helicopters, air balloons and gliders.


Israel is wrongly considered as single visit tourist destination. Some come to visit the Holy places, others for the special Dead Sea Spa treatments.
We are pleased to show you "another" Israel and promise to amaze you every time you visit Israel again.

Dead Sea
Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies in Israel
Weekend in Israel

Gourmet Tours

Someone has said that to feel the land you visit, you should "taste it". If you agree with this, the Gourmet tours are designed for you. Israel is famous for its food, its wines and unique atmosphere. We will show you the most delicious places of our wonderful country!



Fortunately, Israel - is not only two dozen famous landmarks. Waterfalls and fortresses, caves and monasteries. Bicycle and motorcycle routes. Pedestrian tours, helicopters, yachts, horseback riding tours. The most unique places of Israel. If you decide to see the places that you will not see in the usual tourist excursions:

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Exclusively for you

Even the most well-known tourist attractions can be seen from the unusual perspective and in the most unusual company. You are fond of esoteric or spiritual practices, do you study the history of Freemasonry? Do you want to organize seminars or corporate events in the holy land? Do you need the competent partners?

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